Broadband is now the lifeblood and prime driving force of the global internet economy. Fast, efficient and cost-effective, it has enabled millions of people to gain access to the internet at previously unimaginable speeds. More importantly for business is how it has revolutionised the ability for people to work from home and how it has enabled feature-rich Voice services.

Vostron has a wide range of broadband products encompassing Broadband ADSL for home working and remote offices, Broadband SDSL for larger offices and voice applications, and Bonded ADSL and SDSL products for customers requiring more reliable and more flexible connectivity. Our broadband products can even be integrated into our Hosted PBX and MPLS IP VPN products for a complete, managable corporate connectivity package.

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  • Broadband ADSL - Cost effective Broadband connectivity.
  • Broadband SDSL - Premiere Broadband connectivity for voice and large offices.
  • Broadband VPN - Secure, cost effective and higher-performance alternative to IPSEC VPNs.


data Vostron Broadband allows you to cost-effectively provide fast internet connectivity to home-workers and remote offices. Broadband