Business ADSL

Business ADSL Benefits

Businesses everywhere have reaped major benefits from the faster and more reliable communications provided by ADSL. Vostron provides a range of ADSL packages suitable for both home-worker and branch office purposes, which are designed to help save you money and time and are backed by high level support. Our resilient network provides the performance and reliability you need to work effectively.

All Business ADSL packages can be provided with a range of options:

  • Managed Service - Fully managed hardware from Vostron, reducing your internal support load.
  • Hosted PBX - Full Hosted VoIP PBX delivering cost savings and extensive feature-set.
  • Email with Anti-Virus and Spam - Full email hosting complete with anti-spam and anti-virus scanning.
  • IP-VPN capable - Remote access to your Vostron MPLS IP-VPN for home-workers and executives.
    • Always On
    • Low 20:1 Contention
    • Static IP Address
    • Reduced Costs
    • No Port Blocking
    • SMTP Email Relay
    • Migrate for Free
    • Managed Options Available


    • Non business traffic may be restricted within business hours in order to protect legitimate business traffic.
    • Vostron Fair Use Policy applies to all broadband products.
    • Top speeds can vary significantly, in particular due to a users distance from their local exchange and the quality of their telephone line.
    • During the first 10 days of service on ADSL the line speed will regularly change, resetting the connection to the exchange every time. This is the service settling down to achieve the best rate possible. You may experience intermittent service during this period for that reason we are unable to report a fault.


    data Vostron Broadband allows you to cost-effectively provide fast internet connectivity to home-workers and remote offices. Broadband