Hosted PBX

Vostron's Hosted VoIP PBX provides a reliable, feature-rich IP-based telephony service. Offering an easy to manage self-administration interface and a featureset to rival much more expensive traditional PBX systems, the Vostron PBX provides a simple and cost effective route to IP telephony for any size of organisation from a single user on a broadband connection to a multi-site enterprise with 1,000s of telephone users.

Unlike traditional premise-based PBX systems, Vostron's PBX is accessible to any user at any time wherever they are, provided they have access to a broadband internet connection. If you're out of the office, calls can be routed automatically to where you are. If you're not available to take a call, voicemail can be automatically emailed to your inbox or stored on the PBX for later retrieval.


Vostron PBX
  • Based on SIP technology.
  • Free internal calls.
  • Free calls to other Vostron PBX users.
  • Voicemail by email.
  • Fax by email.
  • Email by Fax.
  • Configurable IVR Menu.
  • Advanced Queues.
  • Call Conferencing.
  • Call Screening (Spy on Call).
  • Call Announcement.
  • Custom Caller ID's
  • Time-based Routing.
  • Call Diversion / Forwarding
  • Hunt Groups.
  • Pickup Groups.
  • Call Recording facility.
  • Remote Access.
  • Full call logging and reporting.
  • User Control.
  • Compatible with most of the iPhone and Android SIP clients.
  • Backed by multi-level support.
  • Compatible with MPLS networks.

Enabled Applications

  • True teleworking with complete access to the office telephony system.
  • Allow engineers to field calls at home for 24/7 support departments without costly redirection charges.
  • Rapidly scaling business needs without lengthy telco lead times or PRI costs.

A hosted PBX system can be provided complete with pre-configured and managed handsets from our range of approved VOIP Handsets

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