An MPLS IP VPN uses MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) for increased performance and simplified operation. MPLS merges the benefits of ATM's Quality of Service classes and reliability with IP's flexibility for any-to-any connectivity.

The IP VPN architecture allows customer routers exchange routes with service provider routers in order to create a true overlay VPN utilising the service provider's network. Unlike a Frame Relay or ATM VPN service, there are no point-to-point connections between customer sites.

Architectural Benefits

  • An MPLS-based IP VPN is inherently secure and doesn't require firewall protection or encryption.
  • Four classes of service offer control over the performance of multiple applications (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Standard).
  • Full access choice and mix-and-match ability to cater every size of site.
  • Bandwidth scalability, as traffic flows increase and your requirements grow.
  • Standard SLA, which covers availability, packet loss, latency and jitter.
  • Management of the VPN will reduce the load on your IT staff.
  • Full range of resilience options including Ethernet, Leased Line, Private Access Broadband and ISDN backup.
  • Vostron's resilient core network offers an ideal platform for the true convergence of voice, data, video, and audio traffic.
  • Fully Managed routers.

Enabled Applications

  • Multimedia Services It is possible to distribute voice, video and data across the IP VPN network, just as it's done in a LAN environment. This service facilitates the exchange of information rapidly between the various sections of the organization.
  • VoIP The IP VPN network can carry VoIP traffic, it gives high priority for voice thus ensuring QoS (Quality of service). The Vostron PBX service can be easily integrated into an IP VPN.
  • Video Conferencing The IP VPN network enables users to set up video conferencing with certain equipment. This application is especially popular among enterprises as it saves time and travel costs.
  • Data Transfer High-speed data transfer is possible across an IP VPN network. Since this is a dedicated network, the delay is non-perceptible and error free. This is an ideal solution to meet all the data transfer requirements of any organization.
  • E-mail By setting up centralised e-mail servers within their IP VPN, companies can transfer mail using the IP VPN network. This reduces the amount of intra-organisation data traversing the public internet, while at the same time ensuring prompt delivery of information which greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of workflow within an organization.
  • ERP Many companies use ERP solutions for online business transactions with peer companies, dealers, customers, branch offices, factories etc. Working online in this manner requires highly robust and congestion free networks, which is made possible by IP VPN networks.
  • Access VPN Employees, while on the move, may require to be constantly in touch with their organization's network for critical information, including product catalogue, pricing, marketing material, inventory check etc. Such users can access their IP VPN network through a dial-up Internet account, irrespective of their location.
  • Broadband VPN Home-workers and executives may also require to be constantly in touch with their organization's network for critical information. Such users can access their IP VPN network through a high-speed Broadband connection.
  • Intranet There is hardly any organization which does not have its own intranet for work flow management and for meeting their information requirements. Such intranet solutions can be run across the IP VPN network thus enabling integration of operations across the country.
  • Extranet Companies may need to exchange information with other similar companies to speed up business transactions. The IP VPN network is capable of providing the extranet facility by interconnecting the VPNs, depending upon the customer's requirement.
  • Internet Customers preferring a common infrastructure for intranet and Internet access can have access to the Internet via the IP VPN network.
  • Multicast One of the important new features that MPLS VPN offers is multicasting. This is especially useful for applications such as video conferencing and customer specific broadcasting.

Additional Vostron Services

  • Use of Vostron PBX within an IP VPN can result in substantial cost savings for legacy voice networks.
  • Cost effective Broadband VPN for connecting branch offices and home workers.
  • Securely connect servers hosted at Vostron datacentres to your IP VPN to provide a centrally managed location for all of your company's IT infrastructure
  • Centrally Secured and Firewalled Internet Access direct to your private network secured by Managed Firewalls and full VLAN isolation.


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