Number Porting
It is possible to port your existing BT geographic and and 08xx non-geographic numbers. Porting existing numbers to Vostron will allow you to retain your existing stationary and avoid any confusion as a result of moving to a new VoIP system. To port a number to Vostron you need only to suppy us with the following information
  • Completed Vostron number porting order form
  • Signed Letter of Authorisation printed onto your own letterhead
  • A copy of the front page of a recent BT bill for the number(s) being ported
  • Signed Letter of Authorisation from your existing VoIP provider if applicable
Please note that we can not port numbers under the following circumstances
  • The number is associated with a temporary service
  • The number is inactive
  • The number is associated with a non-BT account number
  • The number was originally provided by a provider other than BT


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