What is Vostron?

VOSTRON is a privately owned company providing a complete range of communications services through a network of independent partners. We design, implement, and manage IP networks across multiple Service Provider and Carrier networks and deploy leading edge applications and services across those networks.

We enable our clients to retain ownership of network directly with Service Providers, Carriers and Tail Circuit Providers, thus providing our clients with total control, flexibility and manage the supplier relationships for our Clients, enforcing Service Level Agreements and maintain high levels of availability.

We provide all the benefits of multiple suppliers, while relieving you of the procurement, administrative and management burden, minimize contract terms and help you to deploy 'Provider Independent' IP Schemes, thus reducing the time, risk and cost of switching between providers - switching the balance of power dramatically in your favour and away from the supplier.


VOSTRON is a trusted innovator in communications services that leverages the buying power of its key business partners. We use the volumes of business we generate to create a bespoke discount adjustment to reflect our reduced costs of sale, ensuring our customers get an excellent deal for products and services.

Added Value

VOSTRON don't just provide communications network, we design, implement, manage and monitor our clients networks connections for the duration of the contract, ensuring our partners deliver to expected levels and providing our customers with valuable performance statistics.

Best of Breed Services

Out clients tell us it is refreshing to be able to deal with one organisation for all their communications needs - From cabling, to network, to Voice to DR - We have it covered and only through selected Vendors that we know and trust. VOSTRON is unique in the breadth of our provision, the independence of our services and the technical design and implementation services we provide.


At VOSTRON, we look at our clients' requirements differently. IP networks are still developing rapidly, so we always consider our customers requirement five years ahead - and build solutions that scale and adapt effectively, meeting and beating Q1 budgets, but reducing infrastructure and installation costs as Clients expand their networks.


Once the initial design phase is completed, we assess Network/Internet Service Providers key competencies with individual customer requirements and ensure that each element of a customer requirement is delivered by the most suitable Provider. Taking into account the interoperability of each Providers network with others, we enable the seamless integration of services and ensure that network operators deliver 'fit for purpose' services to our Clients.


In addition to designing, building and implementing customer network, VOSTRON continues to manage and enhance your network with a range of proprietary tools that continually assess the availability and performance of the client network. Where centralized 1st line support desk services are required, we work with industry leading Network Management organisations to provide comprehensive management and support services.

Our ongoing commitment to the network and its availability ensures that VOSTRON networks are continually assessed for improvement and development - and because we operate independently, we are able to bring new suppliers, services and technologies to ensure that our Customers continue to deliver the best in performance and value to their users and Customers in turn.

Nice People Who Really Care

VOSTRON really is interested in your success, growth and efficiency. We combine the skills of seasoned communications professionals with well negotiated volume discount schemes to deliver highly tailored communications packages. And we want your network to succeed; this is how we continue to grow, though 0% churn rates and excellent recommendations from our clients.



data Vostron Broadband allows you to cost-effectively provide fast internet connectivity to home-workers and remote offices. Broadband