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As the impact of the COVID-19 virus takes hold of our nation, please be reassured that we are working flat out to ensure that there is no interruption or impact to the level of service Vostron’s Telephony and IT services provide to you.

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to lower the risk to our employees and their families, some of our staff will work remotely if they choose. This will not impact on our ability to support the services that we provide to you and we are fully prepared.

Like many businesses, you may have begun to plan for your staff to work remotely, which will be putting you under some significant pressures, both personally and professionally. With that in mind we want to direct you to a few resources that might make this transition easier.

First, for those customers using our SIP VoIP services, we’ve prepared a document that will provide some guidance on how to set up your devices and help manage a remote workforce. Once your staff make the transition to remote working, productivity in this new environment is a chief concern. Our support lines will be continually manned to provide the back-up that your workforce require, in order to enable you to be able to communicate with your colleagues, customers and suppliers.

This is a link to how to set up a soft phone on your appropriate mobile phone



once installed, you will need your SIP details (as directed), which you can acquire by sending a request email to our Support Team.

or calling us on 02380 111222

For those customers using our Connectivity services, these will continue as normal, to be monitored and managed so that your workforce can have access to their normal online environment. We can also provide remote access advice if required.

We are your partners in this, both as a business, but also as people behind the business. We are here to keep you connected so you can fulfill the potential of your business and do more, and we are going to be working as hard as always to ensure that continues during this situation.

Stay safe, keep calm and be well.

Vostron Team

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