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About Us


Ever since we started trading back in 2005, Vostron have remained true to our guiding principles of honesty, integrity and innovation. We continue to be driven by our commitment to excellence, and an unwavering desire to earn the trust and respect of our customers.

We do this by working for our clients, towards their goals. By sharing the vision of each of our customers, we build bespoke networks with our customisable suite of highly controlled services. Together with outstanding technical support and proactive monitoring, we are committed to making your business communication more efficient and effective.

We focus on what we do best, to keep our clients better connected with their Cloud, customers, staff and supply chain.

We are agile and create bespoke solutions

Our people are experienced, talented and think on their feet

We are approachable, enthusiastic and efficient

Our proactive support covers your entire network

We are independent, and select our partners based on merit


We expect your business to grow and evolve, so we've built our services to adapt as you grow, and to support your developing strategy.


We love to think outside the box. We solve complex problems with creative solutions, and we are always up for a challenge.


We're very straightforward. No scripted call-centres or passing the buck - just a direct line to motivated people with the capacity to help.


We give you choice. Our high-capacity network has wholesale access to every cable, from every carrier, at each of your locations.


We are experts in our field. With decades of experience under our belt, we share our insight on what's possible and what's not.


We never take our eye off the ball. By closely monitoring your network and hardware, we see and react to faults as they happen.

What makes us different?


Fast, reliable and consistent. We provide high-speed internet services and Wide Area Networks, designed specifically for a new generation of business.


From dedicated co-location to secure offsite back-up - and everything in between. Your cloud and your network as a single, unified service.


Scalable Hosted Telephony delivered as one with your network. Great functionality and crystal clear audio, with desk level support.


Meet The Team


Having a broad range of partners provides incredible reach and diversity. Hand-picked for what they each do best, we pull them together to form a unified platform that is significantly more powerful than the sum of its parts.