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AI & ML: Business Benefits

When dealing with the challenges of AI and machine learning implementation, it’s necessary to understand the benefits these processes can bring to businesses. Focusing exclusively on the challenges can result in missing out on significant opportunities for improvement and growth. 

AI and Machine Learning implementation might require your organization to undergo a digital transformation of sorts, but the end result will more than make up for any short-term inconvenience. 

AI and its advantages for small businesses 

Improved recruitment process 

For smaller business, it’s rare that they have a HR department, which could create issues as performing HR related tasks can be time-consuming and take away from important tasks. However, instead of performing these tasks manually or hiring and managing a full-time HR person, businesses can use AI and Machine Learning to complete HR related tasks. AI and Machine Learning can be used to perform these tasks easily and efficiently. 

AI can be used to evaluate resumes, resumes, and schedules interviews without any human input. An amazing (or scary) fact about AI recruitment tools is that they can automate this entire process without any human touch required. Once having done so, you can extract the data gathered from the process, and match job requirements to applicant knowledge, skillset, and experience. 

Easy data processing 

AI’s ability to efficiently process huge amounts of data helps the average business use Machine Learning algorithms to categorize those data points. This makes it easier for business owners to quickly locate the patterns and correlations that can be difficult for humans to grasp. 

Interaction whilst mobile 

AI is built into the hardware of modern smartphones. For example, AI allows smartphones to process voice commands quickly and accurately, as well as recognize and interpret images in real-time. These capabilities are very useful to end-users, and they have made our smartphones more useful. Advancements like these have helped us become more globally competitive, and this is helping us reach more people than ever before. 

Customer service 

AI and machine learning are already revolutionising the way that we view the customer experience in our workplaces. With capabilities such as sentient analysis technology, you have the opportunity to respond to customers’ concerns not only effectively but in a timely manner. 


If security isn’t already a top priority for your company, then it should be, especially if your data includes personal and financial information such as bank details. AI can be used to defend your systems from cyber criminals using AI to attack. Any hacking attempt can be detected before any damage is done and, with its learning capabilities, prevented from happening again. AI gives your team peace of mind when it navigates your system by monitoring system activity for any possible vulnerabilities.  


However, AI and Machine Learning shouldn’t be seen as the redeeming feature to your IT worries, even though it could be. It’s nothing but the icing on the cake. Every business in the world will have to make changes to improve processes and the general running of the business, and this could mean the letting go of a substantial part of your team to make way for more efficient, cost-effective computer systems as they are implemented. By using the intelligence of computers, you can focus on tasks which require human intelligence and do other tasks that computers are currently doing better. 

It sounds like a wild presumption, but all the evidence points to the fact that artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to be common place in all business in the near future—its presence will be widespread, and everyone will be using it. Whether you want to admit it or not, AI and Machine learning will have an impact on the world. Don’t wait until everyone else has adapted or they won’t take you seriously, get ahead of the game now and embrace it. 

As a business leader you should always be looking to strive for a more efficient and effective workforce. For this to be achieved you must prepare your business for AI. With AI, the future of your workforce looks far brighter. 


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