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Top Cybersecurity Practices for Small Businesses

Cyber security is – in the modern technological age we live in – a vital necessity. Everyone is connected to the internet nowadays, meaning that everyone needs a certain level of cyber security knowledge and know-how – like a homeowner needing sufficient security for their home in the form of a lock and key or perhaps even an alarm system. Our modern technological age is a big factor when considering the increase in cyber attacks, as we all have an untold amount of web connected devices in our lives – according to Statista, Brits “have access to more than nine connected devices” ¹ and the more web connected devices you have the more vulnerable you are to attack. However, the main reason is the lack of knowledge regarding the sheer volume of methods that cyber criminals have in their arsenal to attack you with.

Throughout the blog series we will be exploring the different methods that cyber criminals use to attack your systems, and some of the cyber security fundamentals that can help you to prevent attacks from being successful.

Let’s take a look at the various different methods cyber criminals use to attack and access your systems.


The weapons of attack


Ransomware is a form of malicious software that locks and encrypts your computer data. The cyber criminal will then demand a ransom before you are allowed further access to your files – which will remain on your computer, but in an encrypted form so you are unable to access or read them.

Cyber criminals use file encryption to force their victims into paying the fee they demand. Most cyber criminals set time limits on payments and threaten to delete the files if payment is not promptly received. Business owners, understandably, make the mistake of paying the demanded fee – this is a mistake! It is highly doubtful that they will ever get access to their files back and even if they do it is likely that they will be attacked again at a later date. Once having paid you are simply confirming that you are willing and able to pay whatever the attackers demand.


Phishing is the attempt and procedure of a cyber criminal trying to gain access to private information by using fake/fraudulent emails and websites.

Phishing scammers use emails as the vehicle to carry their malicious links. The cyber criminal is trying to present a false sense of security in the recipient of the email, which they do by posing as the recipient’s bank or another trusted source. The cyber criminal will cleverly base the message around a time sensitive subject in order to force a sense of urgency; if successful this will make the recipient click the email and its attachments without having had time to think about the validity of the source.


Smishing is easy to understand, as the methods used by the cyber criminals are exactly the same as with Phishing scams – the only difference is that they take place on the medium of SMS messaging.


Malware is designed with the specific intention of causing damage, destruction, and chaos, or with the aim of stealing private data. Uniquely, Malware is designed and managed by a group of cyber criminals (as opposed to a lone criminal), who are looking to make money from either selling the software over the dark web for others to use to attack, or by spreading the Malware content themselves.

All of these forms of cyber attack can potentially destroy your systems – and therefore your company – therefore, sufficient defences must be in place to avoid penetration of your systems at all costs!

Now that we have covered some of the ways in which cyber criminals attack your system, in the next blog in the series we will take a look at some of the cyber security fundamentals you need to have in place to ensure your business is as secure as possible.


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