SIP Trunks


SIP Trunks Explained

SIP Trunks is an IP telephony service that utilises your internet connection to replace your old telephone lines. They are ideal for businesses who want to retain an on-site PBX, and route calls over robust IP connections.

This next-generation technology provides a multi-channel VoIP communications line in and out of your premises and connects to any PBX with an IP Telephony gateway. SIP Trunks allow you to easily add extra capacity as and when you need it, and are the go-to option for replacing legacy phone lines with cheaper, more versatile technology.

Integrate and Expand

Offering the stripped down functionality of our Cloud PBX service, Vostron SIP Trunks incorporate your office PBXs with our hosted multi-site service. They are a great way to quickly scale capacity, consolidate billing, and add resilience by using the multiple paths of your Vostron managed internet connection.

Because our SIP Trunks are delivered from within the core of our network, they come with solid SLAs and a guaranteed service, as well as same-day activation for additional channels. With network-level security, they are the perfect solution for businesses transitioning from a traditional phone line to IP telephony. For older PBXs with no IP capabilities, hybrid solutions are also available.