Teams Direct Routing


Make Calls from Office 365

Vostron Teams Direct Routing gives your Microsoft Teams ‘Phone System’ Domestic and International inbound and outbound telephone calls at incredibly competitive rates.

You don’t need hardware to enable the service, just connect your Microsoft Office365 Tenant to our SBCs, and make calls to any destination in the world.

And what’s more, we’ll bolt on services like network level call-recording, voice transcription, audit trail, reporting and queueing – enhancing Microsoft Phone System with Enterprise Features.

Connect Anything, Anywhere

‘Port’ inbound numbers from over 100 countries, connect your legacy PBXs or incorporate handsets from our Cloud PBX service. We’ll even connect analogue lift-lines, pagers or restricted networks with local SBCs.

Transition is easy, we’ll even route Teams calls via your legacy PBX, so your users can retain their familiar handsets until they confident with Calling in Teams.