Internet Connectivity.

At Vostron, we are all about great user experience

With rock-solid services and advanced network monitoring, our Internet Connectivity gives you the perfect balance of performance and stability in one fully managed service.


We provide Leased Lines or Broadband and everything in between, but it’s the way we deliver them that makes all the difference. You can have bombproof resilience over multiple carriers, and scalable services that will grow with your strategy. By combining multiple circuits with managed network hardware, we give you the best possible business connection to your off-site technology.


Whether you are accessing the Cloud or building a Wide Area Network, you will add stability to your strategy with our Internet Connectivity.

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What does Vostron have to offer?


Connectivity and managed security. Delivered as a single, highly secure service.

24 x 7

Proactive monitoring detects and resolves faults as they happen.


Uptime guarantee with automated failover and diversely routed connections.

Leased Line.

Guaranteed stability

If your business demands guaranteed stability, you should be considering a Leased Line. Fibre-optic from end-to-end, Leased Lines are the most reliable way to connect your offices and keep your business online.


You choose the speed, from 10 Megabits to 10 Gigabits per second, and increase capacity as you expand your business.

leased lines

EFM Broadband.

Ethernet First Mile connections

Ethernet First Mile connections are uncontended Ethernet services, delivered over bonded copper phone lines to give a precisely managed, widely available and affordable service that is not slowed down by peak traffic at the telephone exchange.


With world-class facilities in Global Switch London 2, we provide the ultimate environment to host your own private Cloud. With resilient power and cooling, managed network and security, remote hands and eyes, and dedicated hardware support, the only thing you have to manage is your own applications and software.

FTTC (VDSL) Broadband.

Fibre To The Cabinet

Fibre To The Cabinet, or FTTC (also known as VDSL) is the latest generation of broadband technology.


By upgrading the underlying network to include fibre-optic cabling between the exchange and your local street cabinet, FTTC offers faster download speeds and much lower latency than legacy broadband offerings.

Business Network

Business Broadband.

Traditional broadband

ADSL is a traditional broadband service, delivered over analogue telephone lines from your local BT exchange.


We have optimised our ADSL service for upstream performance, and because it doesn’t require any new infrastructure it is universally available at a very attractive price.


“We decided to go with Vostron as we felt it was important to not have a one-size-fits-all solution. The way Vostron were useful was that they took the time to get to know our business, and before they made a blanket recommendation they were genuinely trying to figure out what we needed from an operational point of view – we got a very tailored solution from them upfront.”


Kevin Forsyth, Seven Pillars