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ADSL Broadband

ADSL Business Broadband is our cheapest connectivity service, and for small businesses or satellite offices, it is a great entry-level solution.

ADSL technology pioneered the provision of fast and affordable internet access over analogue telephone lines at the turn of the century. It suited a domestic setting where consumers would typically download movies, e-mails or web pages. But for businesses that produce as much data as they consume, the asymmetric nature of ADSL has limitations.

Nevertheless, Business Broadband doesn’t have to be basic. Vostron’s ADSL service comes packed with custom settings, and we adapt each connection to handle your traffic most efficiently. Clients choose their own balance of stability, speed and latency, and we manage the flow of data to minimise congestion.

ADSL Broadband

Offices can receive a dedicated business ADSL for IP Telephony, internet connections for mail or the web, or a back-up service to safeguard productivity. You can have private connections into your secure Wide Area Network, and to maximise capacity and resilience we channel your traffic over multiple links. We support three levels of QoS, as well as MPLS, managed VLANs, and automatic failover. All with round-the-clock monitoring and proactive support.

If you want to double your upload speed or stabilise your connection, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve with our ADSL Business Broadband.


Prices start at £25 per month for a back-up connection, rising to £52 per month for a fully managed MPLS service, router and Enhanced Care Telephone Line.


ADSL Broadband technology does have its limitations – it’s based, after all, on an underlying copper network that was never intended for modern-day purposes. Our ADSL services are delivered over ‘Enhanced Care’ phone lines, to get the best possible break-fix response times on copper line failures.


Our ADSL circuits can reach speeds of 2.5 Megabits per second upstream, so each connection can support the business use of up to 7 people per line. Connections typically run at 40ms latency and carry a single VLAN per Broadband. We combine multiple circuits to run multiple VLANs through a single router, and all our ADSL Broadband connections integrate with our fully managed MPLS service.

Performance Table

It’s tempting to choose a service based on transfer speed alone. In reality, there’s more than speed to consider when productivity is at stake. Our table below details the characteristics of each service so you can pick the business connection that suits you best.

Downstream [Mbit/s]100100100100100
UpStream [Mbit/s]100100100100100
Latency [ms]33333
Jitter [ms]33333
Max Acceptable Packet Loss0.01%0.01%0.01%0.01%0.01%
VLANs supported8080808080
MTU supported15401540154015401540
QoS classes77777
MPLS supportYesYesYesYesYes
Breakfix Sev 1 [hours]44444
Breakfix Sev 2 [hours]88888
Breakfix Sev 3 [hours]NCDNCDNCDNCDNCD
Installation [days]30-604530102 to 10
Underlying technologyFiber accessMultiple BT copper linesBT copper lineBT copper lineBT copper line
Probability of full incident resolution95%60%50%50%50%

Meet Your Needs

It may not be the fastest or most reliable of services but, done well, ADSL can be an essential component of any custom network. It fits the bill for offices which are limited by budget or location, and can be integrated with other services to enhance stability and resilience.

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