EFM Broadband

As Good as Copper Connectivity Gets

Uncontended Internet Service

EFM is an uncontended internet service delivered over traditional copper telephone lines. It provides a symmetrical connection at up to 20 Megabits per second.

Perfect for locations where Leased Lines or EoFTTC are not available, EFM broadband uses the legacy infrastructure of every BT exchange to reach out and connect you. And because Ethernet First Mile is a low latency service, it is ideal for IP Telephony or using applications in the Cloud

Guaranteed Performance

Like all copper-based connections, performance is governed by the length of the cable, but we always guarantee the speed of your service before taking your order. It uses multiple phone lines, giving you extra resilience so, if one line fails, your business will still remain connected.

With symmetrical performance on a dedicated connection, EFM bridges the gap between Leased Lines and Broadband and is a perfect alternative.


Low Cost

EFM is a low-cost alternative to a Leased Line, and is more widely available than EoFTTC.

Set up is free on a three-year contract, and the service costs just £200 per month for a two pair connection, or £300 per month for a four pair connection.



EFM is delivered over ageing copper telephone lines, and can be affected by electrical interference, wear, or high levels of humidity.

The Service Level Agreements provide a 9-hour break-fix guarantee and, with built-in resilience, the connection will survive the loss of a pair.




If you’re lucky enough to be within 100 metres of the exchange, we can provide a guaranteed 10Mbps service over two pairs, or 20Mbps over four. Beyond 100 metres, guarantees decrease with distance from the exchange, falling to 3Mbps at 3.2Km (over two pairs), or 3.9Km over four.

EFM is an Ethernet service, providing seven levels of QoS and up to 10 VLANs per circuit. With 10ms latency and an MTU of 1500, it can be adapted and used for a multitude of purposes.



Performance Table

It’s tempting to choose a service based on transfer speed alone. In reality, there’s more than speed to consider when productivity is at stake. Our table below details the characteristics of each service so you can pick the business connection that suits you best.

Downstream [Mbit/s]100100100100100
UpStream [Mbit/s]100100100100100
Latency [ms]33333
Jitter [ms]33333
Max Acceptable Packet Loss0.01%0.01%0.01%0.01%0.01%
VLANs supported8080808080
MTU supported15401540154015401540
QoS classes77777
MPLS supportYesYesYesYesYes
Breakfix Sev 1 [hours]44444
Breakfix Sev 2 [hours]88888
Breakfix Sev 3 [hours]NCDNCDNCDNCDNCD
Installation [days]30-604530102 to 10
Underlying technologyFiber accessMultiple BT copper linesBT copper lineBT copper lineBT copper line
Probability of full incident resolution95%60%50%50%50%

Connectivity Beyond Broadband

With EFM you get a guaranteed, symmetrical service and no contention at the exchange. It is widely available throughout the UK, making it a great choice for businesses that are unable to access a fibre-optic Leased Line.

Contact us to confirm your speed, availability, lead-time and cost, and let us explain how EFM can work for you.

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