FTTC (VDSL) Broadband


Fibre to the Cabinet

FTTC is the best value broadband on the market today. Using a combination of phone lines and fibre optic cable, it is significantly faster than ADSL broadband.

Perfect for browsing the internet or downloading files, FTTC is a consumer technology that we optimise for business. We provide every service with a managed Cisco router, which is monitored and controlled by our core management platform. You can have private connections into your secure Wide Area Network, or combine multiple links for extra resilience. We provide three levels of QoS as well as MPLS, and support upstream performance of 20 Mb per second.

Fibre to the Cabinet

This service uses traditional phone lines which connect your office to a local street cabinet. But from the cabinet onwards, you are on a fibre-optic network, giving you much faster access to the internet and Cloud. Copper telephone lines are an affordable connection to the national fibre network, and the closer you are to the cabinet, the faster your connection will be.

FTTC is still being rolled out across the country, so get in touch to find out if it is available in your area.


Vostron’s FTTC pricing is straightforward: installation is £260, with a fixed fee of £75 per month, which includes a fully Managed Draytek Router, 24/7 monitoring, and unlimited data usage across premium lines.



Speeds reach as high as 80Mb download and 20Mb upload. Whereas a regular DSL connection is copper from the exchange to your premises, an FTTC connection extends the fibre from the exchange to the street cabinet. It is a cost-effective speed upgrade that has primarily been rolled out to residential areas across the UK.



All copper services come with risks, but our approach to FTTC is unique in how we confront its weaknesses: whilst it is a comparatively good connection to regular broadband, it is by no means perfect, and we pride ourselves on overcoming these faults before we setup a connection.

Like all broadband connections, FTTC circuits are affected by electrical interference, as well as line breakages, degradation, and congestion. Break fix times can be lengthy, and for these reasons we recommend our secure backup lines to add resilience, and seamless failover.


Performance Table

It’s tempting to choose a service based on transfer speed alone. In reality, there’s more than speed to consider when productivity is at stake. Our table below details the characteristics of each service so you can pick the business connection that suits you best.

Downstream [Mbit/s]100100100100100
UpStream [Mbit/s]100100100100100
Latency [ms]33333
Jitter [ms]33333
Max Acceptable Packet Loss0.01%0.01%0.01%0.01%0.01%
VLANs supported8080808080
MTU supported15401540154015401540
QoS classes77777
MPLS supportYesYesYesYesYes
Breakfix Sev 1 [hours]44444
Breakfix Sev 2 [hours]88888
Breakfix Sev 3 [hours]NCDNCDNCDNCDNCD
Installation [days]30-604530102 to 10
Underlying technologyFiber accessMultiple BT copper linesBT copper lineBT copper lineBT copper line
Probability of full incident resolution95%60%50%50%50%

No-Catch Connectivity

Where available, FTTC broadband is the logical choice for small businesses and satellite offices that want great value for money. With straightforward pricing and a huge array of options, Vostron FTTC is the best broadband on the market.

Get in touch today to discuss your connectivity, telephony and data requirements, and see how FTTC can work for you.

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