Leased line


Dedicated Connectivity

A dedicated fibre-optic Leased Line bypasses broadband networks to give you a direct connection to the core of the internet.

Simply put, a Leased Line is the fastest, most reliable way for you to link up your offices, access the internet or establish a stable connection to your infrastructure in the Cloud. But having a Leased Line isn’t just about high-speed connectivity. Fibre-optic technology provides exceptionally consistent service. We guarantee performance and uptime, to give you a reliable connection that your people will trust.

Dedicated Connectivity

Perfect for VoIP, video conferencing, or connecting to the Cloud, Leased Lines connect your offices into one Wide Area Network. We utilise multiple carriers and a range of technologies to add resilience to your service, providing physically diverse links to each of your offices. Vostron will scale your capacity as your business grows larger, and customise your settings for optimal efficiency.

With incredibly low latency and reliable performance, Leased Lines are the ultimate connection to keep your business online.


Leased Lines are bespoke services, delivered over dedicated fibre-optic connections.

Every circuit is custom delivered, so the costs vary depending on the location of each of your sites.

Generally speaking, installation is free on a three-year contract, and you can expect a fee from £295 per month for a 100 Megabit service.


Our private core network is connected to every major fibre-optic network in the UK, providing the ultimate combination of a multi-carrier solution, with the unified support and control of a single provider service.

We support multi-VLAN networking, .1q in .1q, interoperability with third-party networks, MTU’s of 1540 and above, pseudowire, layer 2, MPLS and layer 3.

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Our Leased Lines are all backed up by a five-hour break-fix guarantee for a physical failure of the fibre.

But five hours can cost a whole day of productivity, so our Leased Lines come with diversely routed failover circuits, giving continued connectivity in the event of a catastrophic failure.

The failover service carries all of your Data, Telephony, WAN and Cloud VLANs over dedicated back-up paths, giving a seamless failover for all your inbound and outbound traffic.

Performance Table

It’s tempting to choose a service based on transfer speed alone. In reality, there’s more than speed to consider when productivity is at stake. Our table below details the characteristics of each service so you can pick the business connection that suits you best.

Downstream [Mbit/s]100100100100100
UpStream [Mbit/s]100100100100100
Latency [ms]33333
Jitter [ms]33333
Max Acceptable Packet Loss0.01%0.01%0.01%0.01%0.01%
VLANs supported8080808080
MTU supported15401540154015401540
QoS classes77777
MPLS supportYesYesYesYesYes
Breakfix Sev 1 [hours]44444
Breakfix Sev 2 [hours]88888
Breakfix Sev 3 [hours]NCDNCDNCDNCDNCD
Installation [days]30-604530102 to 10
Underlying technologyFiber accessMultiple BT copper linesBT copper lineBT copper lineBT copper line
Probability of full incident resolution95%60%50%50%50%

Take Control Of Your Connectivity

Leased Lines are more than just a reliable service. They are an investment in your future, laying solid foundations for the evolution of your business. The stability and capacity of a leased line helps you develop your strategy and adopt new technologies as they arise.

With our unique blend of service and support, your communications network is underpinned by the most reliable technology on the market.

Find out how a leased line can change the way you do business

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