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Harnessing Value from Technology for Profit | Part Two

In the previous article we highlighted the need for getting the most from the tech you have at your disposal in order to achieve the levels of efficiency needed to succeed. We also highlighted that the main change to the way we work is to an at least partially remote work setting, although some business owners have adopted different tools and ways of working and most aren’t using them to their full potential and others haven’t even begun their transition yet and are still using old tools that are no longer fit for purpose.

We already know the way we complete vital business functions traditionally, but, unfortunately, these ways of working are simply no longer good enough or offer the required levels of efficiency to make our systems sustainable in the modern world. Let’s take a look at the ways we can achieve these vital business functions in the modern way.


Vital business functions – The modern way


We explained that, with modern working taking place remotely, many use Microsoft Teams and Zoom as their choice of communicative tools – but this has left the phone surplus to requirements and, in reality, very dated. In the modern age VoIP is the recommended choice – you may have heard of it; VoIP is a way to modernise your voice communications over the internet, rather than traditional phonelines, and it even allows you to layer its abilities within a comfortable environment of your choice – Teams, for example. In this way you create a haven of communication in Microsoft Teams, with calls, conferencing, and video all in one place.



Traditionally, unless sitting next to your colleagues, the only way to collaborate with them was via Email. With Microsoft Teams you can now communicate and collaborate on work with your colleagues from anywhere on the globe in real time! With remote working looking to be the new normal, it is essential that you and your team can communicate and collaborate on work – if you can’t remote working becomes an impossibility.


Workflow process

Teams all over the world are still using their skilled staff members to complete mundane tasks that anyone could do, because they simply don’t want to spend out on new members of the team with that specific function – and that is understandable. Technology has the answer – with Business Process Automation in your business you can automate the mundane tasks and leave them in the hands of your capable technology – this way your skilled team can continue with the roles they were employed to manage.


Document management

Old file servers don’t allow teams to work as productively as they should be able to, because they require you to manually send documents to one another. SharePoint irradicates this completely – instead it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your business applications. It also works effectively with your entire Microsoft Office Suite of tools – including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams – and a variety of other back-office systems – making it easy to use and thereby saving you time and money.

Getting your technological environment organised and – most importantly – right for the way you do business is important if you want to improve efficiency, cost savings, customer experience, and ultimately profits.


Connecting you to the modern world

Since our conception back in 2005, at Vostron we have operated under a series of predetermined guiding principles: agility, people, and approachability. With those principles adopted wholeheartedly throughout everything that we do, along with our progressive approach in helping our clients to achieve their business goals in the most cost-effective and secure way possible, we are proud to say that we have earned the trust of a loyal customer base across the UK from our home in Southampton. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact to find out how we can help you!

Harnessing Value the modern way

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