Hey Southampton! Looking for IT Support?

With our proactive IT support in the Southampton area, we’ll fix issues before they happen – allowing you to focus on running your business.

We’re Vostron, a trusted IT Service Provider based in Southampton that can deliver tailored IT solutions that meet your business needs & requirements.

With our Managed IT Support Southampton, we aim to detect problems before they affect you, however, if your service is not performing as expected, you always have direct access to the same engineers who originally installed your system.

We provide trusted consultancy on Server and Workstation selection, Cloud Migration, Office Services (Microsoft 365, Teams, Exchange), Printers and Security Devices. We can also link this with network consultancy from the Vostron Internet Service Provision side of the business.

Through backup solutions, malware and virus protection, email and social media filtering, network redundancy, and virtual machine architecture, we can assist you in maintaining business continuity. We can also assist you with certifications like ISO9001/27001, Cyber Essentials.

By providing excellent support, we create enduring connections with our clients and enable them to operate at their peak effectiveness.

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Are you struggling from any of these IT challenges?

Sluggish Responses

Are you requesting support but having to wait hours for someone to help you?

Lack of Knowledge?

Are you finding that your IT Provider knows nothing about your business?

Making no progress?

Are you often logging repeated tickets over and over again?

Cyber Security

Meet compliance regulations and better secure your business data.

IT Jargon

Tired of being overwhelmed with technical chat and IT terms that make no sense?

Friendly Support Costs

Stop worrying about how much your IT costs, with fixed and budgeted prices.

Our Difference

Proactive Helpdesk

With our proactive support, you'll get answers when you need them, but most importantly, we'll fix issues before they happen.


We like to learn and study our clients' businesses thoroughly, ensuring that our support and solutions are perfectly suited.


By dropping the tech-talk, we instead focus on your business requirements and challenges, talking in your language.


You won't be seeing any repeated issues, once an issue is solved it's logged and ensured to never arise again.


With rock-solid services and advanced network monitoring, our Internet Connectivity gives you the perfect balance of performance and stability in one fully managed service. Get in touch, we’re based in Southampton and cater for business in and out of the area.

Our Services

Remote Helpdesk

Our remote IT helpdesk is manned by engineers that are on-hand to solve any issues or questions you may have about your IT & technology.

Rapid Response

Our team can provide on-site support for more complicated faults that require hands-on engineering support at your business location.

IT Consultancy

We don't just provide solutions and technology, we educate and guarantee that every piece of tech is perfectly suited to your business.

Technology Experts

A team of experienced and specialised IT experts who have been in the business for a number of years, when it comes to technology, you can count on us.

Southampton’s Premier IT Support

Southampton boasts a dynamic and thriving business environment set against a backdrop of stunning natural scenery. Located on the picturesque south coast of England, this coastal city offers a unique blend of economic opportunity and natural beauty. With a history deeply rooted in maritime trade, Southampton has evolved into a hub for innovation, technology, and commerce. The city’s bustling port serves as a gateway to global markets, attracting a diverse range of industries, from shipping and logistics to aerospace and finance. The scenic beauty of Southampton is equally captivating, with its waterfront promenades, lush parks, and the enchanting New Forest National Park just a stone’s throw away. This harmonious blend of business vitality and natural splendor makes Southampton an enticing destination for both entrepreneurs and nature enthusiasts alike.

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“Setup of the company’s telephone and internet services was extremely quick and if there’s been any issue that we’ve had to deal with they’ve responded extremely quickly. So it’s a very responsive service they offer I would certainly reccomend Vostron to anyone in this area.”


Crispin Weston, Oxya UK

Empowering Southampton’s Businesses

Vostron, a trusted IT specialist company based in Southampton, plays a vital role in this vibrant coastal city’s business landscape. Southampton, with its rich maritime history, has evolved into a thriving hub for innovation and commerce. The city’s bustling port serves as a gateway to global markets, attracting diverse industries, while its natural beauty, including waterfront promenades and proximity to the New Forest National Park, adds a unique charm to the region. Vostron’s commitment to supporting local businesses with tailored IT solutions enhances Southampton’s overall competitiveness and efficiency. As a company deeply rooted in the community, Vostron contributes to the city’s growth by addressing IT challenges and ensuring that businesses in Southampton continue to thrive in the digital age.

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