Managed Firewalls


Stay Connected. Stay Secure.

In today’s world of on-demand technology, we all take reliable Wi-Fi access for granted. But satisfying this requirement should not come at the expense of security, particularly as Wi-Fi can be accessed from beyond the physical boundaries of your office.

Vostron takes wireless networking (and its inherent security risks) very seriously, to provide a Managed Wi-Fi service for your staff and visitors that is easy to access, efficient, and secure.

Standard, off-the-shelf hardware does not usually meet all the requirements of the modern business. It can, in fact, be something of a liability, since unmanaged hardware is more vulnerable to unauthorised access. Vostron combines the best hardware from leading vendors with our central management platform, automatically adapting to congestion in the airwaves, and scouring frequencies for threats to the integrity of your network, to ensure you and your business receive the best-Managed Wi-Fi service available.