Vostron – Network Specialists.

Trusted by businesses that rely on the Internet to service their customers.

Vostron is a trusted Internet Service Provider that can deliver tailored solutions that meet you business needs.

With our Managed Network Support, we aim to detect problems before they affect you, however if your service is not performing as you would expect, you always have direct access to the same engineers who installed your system.

We provide trusted consultancy on network availability, network resiliency and network backup. We run and manage our own level 2 network and partner with Telehouse Datacentres in London to provide the best links to other providers and cloud services. We can ensure you get the best possible performance and reliability from the network. We can also link this with IT consultancy from the Vostron IT Service side of the business.

We can help you maintain business continuity, through network resiliency, firewall protection and network operation monitoring. We can also help with your certifications, working towards ISO9001/27001, Cyber Essentials and the like.

By delivering great support, we build strong, lasting relationships and help our customers to be their most efficient.

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Are you being let down by your current Broadband Provider?

Sluggish Responses

Are you requesting support but having to wait hours for someone to help you?

Lack of Knowledge?

Are you finding that your Broadband Provider knows nothing about your business?

Making no progress?

Are you often logging repeated tickets over and over again?

IT Jargon

Tired of being overwhelmed with technical chat and IT terms that make no sense?

Secret Costs

Are you being billed for support without reason or clarity as to why?

Our Difference

Proactive Helpdesk

With our proactive support, you'll get answers when you need them, but most importantly, we'll fix issues before they happen.


We like to learn and study our clients' businesses thoroughly, ensuring that our support and solutions are perfectly suited.


By dropping the tech-talk, we instead focus on your business requirements and challenges, talking in your language.


You won't be seeing any repeated issues, once an issue is solved it's logged and ensured to never arise again.


With rock-solid services and advanced network monitoring, our Internet Connectivity gives you the perfect balance of performance and stability in one fully managed service.

Our Services

OnNet Support

Our engineers are working from the same Vostron network and have access to the devices in your path to the cloud or Telehouse datacentre. They can solve most problems straight away.

Rapid Response

Our team can provide on-site support for more complicated faults that require hands-on engineering support at your business location.

Network Consultancy

We don't just provide solutions and technology, we educate and guarantee that every piece of tech is perfectly suited to your business.

Technology Experts

A team of experienced and specialised Network experts who have been in the business for a number of years, when it comes to technology, you can count on us.


“We decided to go with Vostron as we felt it was important to not have a one-size-fits-all solution. The way Vostron were useful was that they took the time to get to know our business, and before they made a blanket recommendation they were genuinely trying to figure out what we needed from an operational point of view – we got a very tailored solution from them upfront.”


Kevin Forsyth, Seven Pillars