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Hyperfast, Gigabit Connectivity has come to Portsmouth

Portsmouth is catapulting ahead of 97% of the UK with Hyperfast business Broadband.

Over 34km of new fibre optic cable is providing Gigabit speeds, transforming business productivity for less – supported by a £2,500 Government grant, giving businesses free site installation and free hardware to connect.

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How does my business benefit in a Gigabit city?

We’re creating a Hyperfast Portsmouth, to transform employee productivity and give your business the capacity for future growth. 

Why is faster Internet important?

Most of our business, social and home lives are spent connected to the web. But it’s amazing how few businesses can do even half of the things we take for granted at home, because of a lack of Internet speed and bandwidth.

With the development of new online services and platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, and a growing need to help employees be more efficient, businesses are in need of a solution, fast!

Step-in Portsmouth’s new Hyperfast Internet network. Businesses can now access affordable, reliable Gigabit Internet connectivity with speeds of 1,000Mbps, transforming the way you work and driving growth.

Join the Gigabit revolution today and future-proof your business for less than you think.

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Portsmouth is now a Giga-City

Over 34Km of a brand-new fibre-optic network is already connecting businesses in Portsmouth, find out if you can be one of them with our postcode checker.

To find out if your business can receive Hyperfast Internet and up to £2,500 of Government funding towards Gigabit Internet, simply enter your postcode below.

How can your business claim up to £2,500?

Launched in March 2018, the UK Government announced funding to small businesses for the upgrade of their Internet connection to a hyperfast Gigabit connection. The Gigabit Broadband Voucher scheme allows SMEs to claim up to £2,500 towards the cost of the installation and hardware required. Check to see if your business is eligible for a £2,500 voucher below.


£ 225 / mo

  • Speeds of 500Mbps both download and upload
  • Unlimited usage
  • £2,500 Gigabit Voucher available
  • 24/7/365 customer service support
  • 6 hour fault repair time
  • Installation in 45 working days


£ 325 / mo

  • Speeds of 1000Mbps both download and upload
  • Unlimited usage
  • £2,500 Gigabit Voucher available
  • 24/7/365 customer service support
  • 6 hour fault repair time
  • Installation in 45 working days

BT 100

£ 370 / mo

  • 100Mbps upload and download
  • 5 hour fault repair time
  • Installation in 65 working days


£ 349 / mo

  • 100Mbps upload and download
  • 6 hour fault repair time
  • Installation in 65 working days

Test your network

Having a fast, secure and reliable internet connection is now more critical than ever, so analysing how your connectivity is performing can not only help you improve productivity, but provide clarity on what you're actually receiving from your provider. To begin your network test, simply click the button below...

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The Next Step

Portsmouth businesses have a unique opportunity to procure Gigabit connectivity at an incredible price and to use the £2,500 Government grant for free installation and free hardware.

To take advantage of this rare proposition and reap the huge benefits Hyperfast Internet will bring your business, simply click the button below, or complete our enquiry form where one of our team can discuss the options available to you.

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