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Support: Click-2-Call

Initiating a call from your PC (SIPTAPI)

Microsoft Windows offers a TAPI interface that provides telephony services for applications wishing to use it. SIPTAPI (Session, Initiation, Protocol, Telephony, Application, Program, Interface) is a free TAPI application driver that enables you to use your SIP account for the purpose of initiating a call from your computer. This will for example, allow you to call a contact number in the MS Outlook address book.

After pressing the dial button, the PBX calls your phone and once you pick it up, it calls the destination number.

To set it up, you will need to have your telephone extension number and the password.

First you will need to download SIPTAPI – use the link below:

Latest SIPTAPI (0.2.15)


Step One:

After unzipping, move the siptapi.tsp file to your %SystemRoot%/System32 folder (for example C:\WINDOWS\System32 in XP).
Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options:


Step Two:

Click the Advanced tab -> Add ->SIP TAPI Service Provider: Select SIP TAPI provider a click configure:



Step Three:

SIP Domain and Outbound proxy should be set to The User is your telephone extension and the password to enter is your telephone SIP account password.



When you make your first call, choose dialing options and make sure you connect using SIPTAPI:


Now you’re set up and ready to go!