The Best IT Support Company in Southampton

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The Best IT Support Company in Southampton

In recent decades, digital technology has become fundamental to how we live our lives, and run our businesses. From the rise in email technology in the 1980s, to the emergence of the smartphone in the 2000s, our lives have witnessed many technological landmarks, most of which have irreversibly changed our workplaces.

The coming years promise yet more progress in the domain of IT, with AI, automation, and the continued growth in cloud computing set to drive further rapid change, and spearhead game-changing efficiency savings across businesses of all sizes.

It goes without saying therefore, that we live in an age of opportunity when it comes to business technology, one where vast opportunities are available to those willing to take a lead in adopting the latest, and most impactful digital solutions.

Many businesses, however, are yet to truly exploit the solutions available to them today. This is often attributable to sub-par IT providers, that fail to offer the strategic guidance and tailored solutions they need to get the most out of their IT. The result is sub-optimal solutions that align poorly with organisational objectives, and outdated, unreliable technology that presents an operational burden over time.


Here at Vostron, we do things differently…


Vostron – Class-leading IT Support and Managed Services for Southampton Businesses

Since 2005, Vostron has been helping businesses across Southampton and Hampshire unlock efficiency and achieve operational agility through the power of technology. We work closely with all our clients to build bespoke networking solutions that address stubborn operational challenges and deliver meaningful business benefits.


We take great pride in delivering, proactive, jargon-free and friendly IT management and support services that our clients can truly put their faith in. We focus on making the businesses we serve more resilient, efficient and connected, and thrive on building enduring, trust based partnerships with all our clients.

In our view, Vostron is the best IT support company in Southampton and Hampshire, here’s why:


Proactive, Expertly Managed IT Services and Support

At Vostron, we go the extra mile to provide IT management and support services that provide complete peace of mind and unrivalled resilience to the businesses we serve. Our

team of experienced engineers combines decades of IT experience spanning multiple disciplines, including networking, cyber security, connectivity and the cloud. They’ll work closely with your business to ascertain what you need your technology to achieve, before developing a tailored strategy that helps you towards your goals leveraging class leading solutions.


So what makes the Vostron IT support experience better than the competition? Unlike many IT companies, we endeavour to provide a truly personalised service. We’ll seek to gain an intimate understanding of your business, your IT priorities, and the longstanding challenges you face in regards to your IT infrastructure. Our team will work tirelessly to help you prevail over these persistent challenges, and diligently monitor your network behind the scenes, to minimise downtime across your devices, network applications and connectivity solutions.


Fastidious Managed Security Services

Cybercrime is a growing concern for businesses across all sectors, and can present an existential threat to smaller businesses, that often lack the financial resilience to recover from the most harmful data breaches.

Our managed cyber security services offer businesses comprehensive, multi-layered protections which guard the entry points cybercriminals frequently use to launch their devastating attacks. We work with businesses in some of the UK’s most heavily regulated sectors, so by partnering with Vostron you can be assured of cyber security defences that meet the requirements of the most rigorous data protection regimes and standards, including UK GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 to name a few.


Our risk-proportionate approach to security applies network-wide protections to tightly control the traffic that’s permitted to circulate your network, ensuring that the malicious actors are prevented from gaining a foothold in your digital estate. Our fully-managed firewall vastly surpasses the standard protections offered by off-the-shelf systems, keeping your devices and servers fully shielded from dangers lurking in the internet’s untrusted corners. Our suite of security services also extends to wireless network security, to fortify your business’s Wi-Fi against eavesdropping attacks, and other threats that prey on weak wireless security protections.

Cyber security and business continuity are two inextricably linked concepts. That’s why our managed data backup service forms a cornerstone of our cyber security offering, ensuring you’re able to perform anything from a full system restoration to the retrieval of individual files and applications, should an unforeseen event compromise your ability to operate. Cloud-hosted, fully managed and regularly tested, our backup service conforms to industry best practices, ensuring you’re able to get back on track quickly and minimise the interruption to your service delivery.


The Connectivity Solutions Your Business Needs to Thrive, Tailored to Your Needs

We’re business connectivity specialists, with extensive experience deploying, managing and supporting the solutions modern businesses need to keep in touch with the people who matter.

Our experience in delivering and supporting class-leading VoIP telephony solutions is unsurpassed. We can help you navigate the sometimes-perplexing world of business telephony, to help you find the VoIP solution that’s the best fit for your business, whether that’s a cloud-hosted PBX, SIP trunking or a dedicated PBX system for your business that’s hosted by us. The latest VoIP phone systems provide far richer functionality than their predecessors, with enterprise-grade call handling features provided as standard, plus the ability to integrate your phone system with other communication channels or critical business applications. With our expertise and guidance you can be assured of a tailored, dependable and secure phone system that supports the growth and success of your business.


With the continued growth in cloud computing, having the support of a fast and reliable internet connection has never been more vital to businesses of all sizes. Our managed connectivity services offer unmatched resilience, by spreading your connection across multiple carrier and circuits for enhanced redundancy. This provides you with an invulnerable internet connection, delivering 100% service uptime to keep you within reach of your vital remote technology and services. We’ll work closely with you to assess your needs, and deliver a cost-appropriate, stable and fully-managed connectivity solution that meets all your criteria.


Final Thoughts

From our home in Southampton, Vostron provides IT support, managed services and technology consultancy to businesses both locally and across the UK. We work hard to provide truly tailored solutions that address our clients’ technology pain points, delivered with the personal touch that our business has become known for over the years. We help businesses navigate the technical jargon, and take advantage of revolutionary solutions that help unlock heightened efficiency and agility. Get in touch today, to discover how Vostron could help your business achieve its potential through technology.


Empowering Businesses to Succeed with Technology

Since our founding back in 2005, Vostron has been in the business of empowering organisations to achieve success with the help of technology. We operate under a few guiding principles: agility, people and approachability. With a responsive, personalised and people-focused service, we help our clients to use technology to change peoples’ lives, with a can-do attitude that is characteristic of our friendly and proactive service.

We’re proud to have grown a loyal customer base across the UK from our home of Southampton. If you have a technology challenge you would like to solve, get in touch with us today, and we’ll be glad to help you!

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