The Pro’s and Con’s of Gigabit Leased Lines

Researching a product or service is a great way to gain some in-depth knowledge, and a necessary exercise that will help you towards your decision. But sometimes, after digging down, you just need to weigh up the good and bad and look at the facts. Well, this page is dedicated to just that. 

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The Pro’s

Leased Lines are regarded by the Telecoms industry as the current pinnacle of Internet connectivity for businesses. With this, their pro’s are much greater, than their con’s. This is purely because Leased Lines are far superior to any other connectivity available to businesses, today.

  • Speed

The first thing most customers will look at when procuring a service from us, is the speed. It is the same with buying a supercar (we would imagine).’How fast can it go?’ Well, thankfully a Leased Line is fast, really fast. The highest speeds available are 10 Gbps, but these are very rarely procured as they are very expensive and not really required unless you are running a small Datacentre for example. They then decrease incrementally to 1 Gbps, 100 M/bits and 10 M/bits respectively. Our most common procurement is the 100 M/bits service, this offers more than enough capacity for the customer to handle it’s office bandwidth needs, whether it be VoIP, video conferencing, files transfer, video streaming, and so on. The bottom line is, it can handle it. A Leased Line’s real differentiator is that it is a symmetric service. This means that the speeds it can achieve will be both upload and download, unlike its DSL counterparts.


  • Security

Security has always been a factor that Internet service providers take very seriously. Thankfully there is some very advanced hardware and software available, to keep malicious entities at bay. With Leased Lines, this job becomes easier. Because the bandwidth is dedicated to you, you are in control of what runs over it, how many Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Wifi networks you set up, etc.

Vostron’s technical team provides advice and guidance to its customer’s with all their security requirements by or can interface with any designated local IT support team, if preferred.  


  • Dedicated & Uncontended

All other types of connectivity available to businesses: ADSL, FTTC, EFM etc are shared. This means that the physical network in the ground is for the use of many others. Because of this, you are open to many potential problems. Security as previously mentioned is a big challenge over these circuits, interference, breaks and SLA’s are also large factors to take into account.

Leased Lines are solely dedicated to you, it is your own private network connected to the wider internet. This is why Leased Lines are so unique, no other connectivity can provide this.


  • Capacity

As briefly mentioned under Speed, the capabilities of a Leased Line are tremendous. They are used in a variety of industries, for an even wider range of responsibilities. Finance sectors, such as stockbrokers, will use a Leased Line for its extremely low latency. This allows them to connect to market instruments such as Bloomberg, make swift investment decisions, increasing profit, decreasing trading risk and satisfying client demand. Design agencies will use them for their ability to download and upload huge files, very quickly. For example, a 1 Gbps Leased Line can download a 1 GB file in under eight seconds.

A Leased Line can do these impressive feats easily, allowing the rest of the business to comfortably make VoIP calls, browse the Internet, access the cloud and video conference, all without missing a beat.


  • Reliable

To say all of the above and not assume that Leased Lines are reliable, would be foolish. As you can imagine this kind of responsibility and reliance requires a service that is not going to fail. It is safe to say that procuring a Leased Line will fill you with more confidence than any other connectivity. Due to its dedication and uncontended nature, failures, such as security alerts, interference and breaks, are far less likely. This is not to say that a Leased Line is impervious. In reality, anything can break and Leased Lines are no different. Leased Lines do come with the best SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). These can contain very low ‘break-fix’ times to get your business back on track very quickly. To achieve this, it is always highly recommended to have back-ups, as insurance. These typically come in the form as ADSL’s. But these are all details that can be discussed with us.


  • MPLS network

If you have a business with multiple locations, then a secure MPLS service may be of interest to you. More information on MPLS can be found here. Leased Lines are a great basis for an MPLS circuit especially as all of the above would then apply to all of your locations.


  • Upgrades

Lastly upgrade paths for Leased Lines are easily available, simple to action and quick to process. As Leased Lines are dedicated and the capacity is already in the network it allows for a smooth process.


“72% of SME’s experienced Internet downtime last year”


The Con’s

  • Cost

Plainly put, Leased Lines can be expensive and there is no way of avoiding it. But cost is only relative to what you receive in return, and as explained above, what you receive is the best connection available to buy today, simple. They are the most costly connectivity available for a reason. You have your own dedicated, uncontended connection to your carrier’s network, free of interference. Imagine having your own private motorway, while everyone else uses the busy, traffic-jammed, public motorway. It would be incredible, right? Well, a Leased Line is exactly that.

As Leased Lines are bespoke, costs will vary from customer-to-customer. Especially with the installation cost, depending on if your business is on-net or off-net (meaning having fibre present on or near your premises). In order to get the full picture, it is best to get in touch and discuss your requirements, from there we can suggest what solution would be best and how much it will cost to install and ongoing charges.


  • Delivery

This again is something that will vary from customer-to-customer, depending on a number or determining factors. The delivery of a Leased Line typically takes 60 – 72 days, and may require your landlord’s permission in order to present fibre to your demise. Way-leaves might be required which would mean getting solicitors involved, potentially adding time to your delivery. There are many questions that will be asked when being quoted and it will help you gain a better picture of what to expect. However, if you are on-net and things align perfectly, we could have you up and running in around 3 -4 weeks.

If you are off-net, things get a bit more complex and time-consuming. Co-ordinating with installation firms, councils etc, for the requisite permissions to enable the ‘dig’ to take place, may not as easy as you would hope. This is a variable that we have no control over. What we do have, is experience of getting these through, which can prove invaluable. One example that comes to mind is digging 400 meters to a customer premises in-order to push fibre from the main fibre pipeline. We’ve also provided fibre over telegraph poles to get to an out-of-the-way location. These are extreme examples, but it demonstrates that there is always a way (if you know what you are doing).


  • Reprovisioning

Moving is never easy, but when a Leased Line is involved it can be tricky. If you are looking to move premises and have a Leased Line, then it is wise to investigate the new location for it’s on-net or off-net status. If it is on-net it makes life a lot simpler. If it is off-net, then sadly there will be many hurdles to jump. Again, we are not saying to only move to a new premises that is easy for your Leased Line, but it can be a huge driver, especially if you’ve become reliant on it. Again chat with us about this before decisions are made and you can understand what will be involved.

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