What is Artificial Intelligence?

What are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Technology is rapidly and constantly evolving – at a total pace of 100,000 times than that of human evolution. This results in huge leaps of innovation within a relatively short period of time. AI and ML are two of the most influential examples that have gradually revolutionised the business world and our lives, over the past decade. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have opened up new possibilities for how we live our lives, the way we use technology, and the way we interact with businesses. In this article we will learn what AI and Machine Learning can do for your business, regardless of its size. 


AI and Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is any field concerned with making machines intelligent. AI is making strides in healthcare, self-driving cars, and voice assistants—among many other things! 

Machine Learning is an automated process that uses complex algorithms to train a system in such a way that it can learn from its own experiences. Simply put, Machine Learning is a process where machines learn from experience. AI is the underpinning technology of Machine Learning. 


AI and Machine Learning – a Threat or a Benefit? 

With every day that passes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming more integrated into our lives and the businesses that we run. Businesses can process data at a faster rate and deliver a much better customer experience, which is ultimately what any business wants. But, placing trust in a piece of equipment that can take your job away is a scary prospect, which is why many workers feel apprehensive of implementing this into their businesses. Once you learn to embrace the use of AI and Machine Learning, however, your team will be able to work faster and to a much higher standard than before. 

The  technology is now more widely available and affordable, which is helps businesses enhance the performance of their automated processes and streamline their workflow. Thanks this humans are now able to automate many of their most tedious and time-consuming tasks such as report generation and data entry. That means businesses can spend more time on tasks requiring logic and reasoning, such as problem-solving, strategic development, and customer service. AI can also enhance the output of existing employees by automating manual and low-value tasks. This means that businesses can do more in less time with the same number of employees, increasing productivity and output.  

Reality shows us that human based systems are not always accurate, efficient, or productive. As businesses grow, these systems struggle to cope and often don’t perform. A business must focus on strategy and growth – not paperwork! 

The only way to stay ahead is to demand the most efficient technology for your business. You need technology that is capable of bettering your team’s decisions, making your system secure, and creating optimum performance. AI and Machine Learning are your answer. 


The challenges of AI 

The key to successful artificial intelligence implementation is proper preparation. You must ensure your existing technology is capable of integrating with AI. This can be an expensive process, but if it’s implemented properly it can result in increased productivity and cost savings. 

AI must be implemented gradually, and it’s best to do it in stages. If your company’s going to implement AI, you need to plan ahead as to how and where you’ll implement it, and think about the long-term repercussion it may have on your workplace. 

The largest companies in the world have quickly realised the huge potential value and competitive advantage on offer by implementing AI and Machine Learning technologies. By embracing these two technologies they have built a competitive advantage that has taken them to the top. 

No matter the size of your business, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will make it easier, faster and cheaper to achieve your goals. Embracing AI and ML will help your business stay ahead of the curve and the competition. 


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