What are Leased Lines?

As with many services in the Telecoms industry, Leased Lines can be complicated beasts to understand. Additionally, the product descriptions appear confusing, when all you require is the information in layman’s terms. Well, this page is dedicated to just that. If you want to understand what a Leased Line is and what they can do for your business, then read on…

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What are Leased Lines? 

Simply put, Leased Lines are the fastest, most secure and most reliable Internet connectivity available to businesses today. They offer a dedicated line from your business premises, to your carrier or providers network. This means that you and only you will have the use of the connection; it is completely ‘uncontended’. Unlike other connectivity options, where your service is shared amongst many others and will suffer from a whole range of potential issues, such as upload and download speed, security, interference, and the poor SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) that your provider can assure you with on this type of connection. 

As with most things, this technology was historically reserved for Military and large Financial corporations. But as time has passed, the cost has reduced and the demand has grown, so these circuits have been made available to everyone. Leased Lines are now not only a cut above the rest, but they are procured by a wide variety of businesses. Twenty percent of Vostron’s customers base enjoy the dedicated connectivity of a Leased Line, and we always recommend it where necessary.


Security has always been a factor that Internet service providers take very seriously. Thankfully there is some very advanced hardware and software available, to keep malicious entities at bay. With Leased Lines, this job becomes easier. Because the bandwidth is dedicated to you, you are in control of what runs over it, how many Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Wifi networks you set up, etc.

Vostron’s technical team provides advice and guidance to its customer’s with all their security requirements by or can interface with any designated local IT support team, if preferred.  


“UK businesses lose £12bn annually due to internet outages”


The Technology

Leased Lines, as previously mentioned are a dedicated line from your business to the carriers’ or providers’ network. This is achieved through, for the majority of the time, fibre optic hardware. 

Fibre optic is used, as it is the most capable technology available to reach the highest bandwidth speeds. Across this, you can choose transit capacities of 10 M/bits, 100 M/bits, 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps (although these are very rare). 

One of the greatest features of a Leased Line, is its ability to provide symmetric upload and download speeds. So in essence, on a 100M/bit circuit, you could achieve 100 M/bits up and 100 M/bits down. Serious business. 



What can a Leased Line do for your business?

As you may already be able to tell, a Leased Line is the best connectivity available to business, today. Stable and rapid internet capabilities (browsing, streaming, file-sharing, cloud and VoIP to name a few), carrying tasks for all industries, with ease.

If you are in the manufacturing industry, for example, you are able to provide cloud access from the design team to the employees on the shop floor, instantaneously. If you are a design agency, you are able to upload and download huge files required to meet tight deadlines. If you are in the financial industry, the latency of a Leased Line is so small, that it allows you to make investment decisions faster, with up-to-the-millisecond market information, improving stock profit margins as a result. 

Most of all, a Leased Line allows your business to undertake an array of daily business requirements, such as high-quality VoIP calls, files transfers, video conferencing and masses of internet access, all of without breaking a sweat. This capability will improve the efficiency of any business environment, making your employees able to achieve more and the company more profitable. 

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